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Ecosystem Restoration

One of the greatest benefits of using organic fertilizer is that it produces natural, healthy soil rich in nutrients and improves water retention and soil structure. Our fertilizers feed the soil with bacteria that break down organic matter and release the nutrients from the fertilizer so the plants can absorb it. These bacteria also form fantastic food for other creatures including worms which will feed on the bacteria as they break down the organic matter.

Earthworms feed on soil and plant debris, using their digestive system to concentrate the organic and mineral constituents into a nutrient-rich, readily available form. Their movement in soil mixes organic matter and creates channels that improve aeration, root growth, and water infiltration.

Addresses Fertilizer Shortage

The war in Ukraine has steeply increased the price of natural gas, a major component of fertilizers and also a primary source of energy. This, combined with the sanctions imposed on Russia, one of the world’s top exporters of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus fertilizers, is causing a severe fertilizer shortage.

Prices of fertilizers are skyrocketing worldwide, forcing farmers to produce less and unintentionally harming their livelihoods. This has a major effect on our country as we are becoming more dependent on these imported fertilizers. Constant usage of Green Ethiopia fertilizers can be a great substitute as we focus on significantly increasing the (N, P, K) value of our fertilizers compared to our competitors.

Work Force

Production of organic fertilizer involves different people from various walks of life, from urban to rural. Since our main raw material is organic waste, we partner with small businesses that work in waste management systems. We currently have three employees in the company, and once we start production, we will expand to eight employees.

We will also collaborate with other start-up advertising companies to promote our products. Additionally, we will employ a sales team that works part-time in rural areas to sell our products, providing employment opportunities and contributing to the economic growth of those regions.

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